Australia's first boutique aquarium Galleria & Cafe

Specialising in Tropical Saltwater Corals and Fish - Custom Aquariums - Complete Installations & Speciality Single Origin Coffee

In the heart of South Melbourne

We are a recently developed boutique aquarium and cafe in the heart of South Melbourne. Just a minute walk away from the South Melbourne Market!

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Highly trained aquarists

Combining years of experience in fish and coral keeping. We follow techniques that have contributed to tens of thousands of dollars worth of aquatic life remaining in the ocean through stringent aqua culturing.

Quality Barista Made Coffee

What does it take to maintain the level of energy and concentration required to have such long experience in the aquarium industry? A LOT of coffee. We’ve trialed and tested some of the best Melbourne has to offer to ensure nothing but the best!


Now offering Specialty Single Origin Coffee from Proud Mary